Live Generously

Our Mission:

Live Generously.

By living generously, Lizzie Swisher founded Sunbeam Family Services, an organization that has served the most vulnerable in our community for the past 111 years. You can join us as we Live Like Lizzie!

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Sunbeam's Mission

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At Sunbeam Family Services, our mission is to provide people of all ages with help, hope and the opportunity to succeed through Early Childhood, Foster Care, Counseling and Senior Services.

Lizzie swisher

"None of us can do everything but all of us can do something."

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Lizzie Swisher turned personal tragedy into a life of service to orphans. A widowed school teacher in Wichita, Kansas, she “heard about the orphan problem” in the new state of Oklahoma and felt called to do something about it.  Without a sponsoring organization or knowing anyone in Oklahoma, Lizzie took the train south, found a house to rent, and began taking children in off the street. Her life revolved around caring for children who had no other place to turn. She opened her home to as many children as she could and when the number of children grew, she moved to successively larger houses.  In 1910, Lizzie Swisher joined with a group of concerned Oklahoma City women to form The Sunbeam Home Association, an Oklahoma nonprofit corporation organized to “relieve want and provide for the needs of children.” 

Lizzie lived generously, with her arms open wide, her pocketbook open wide and her front door open wide.  She took risks.  She was up to the challenge.  And she would go around knocking on doors asking people “Can you spare a dollar for the orphans?” It’s that same spirit of risk taking generosity that we want to encourage through our “LIVE LIKE LIZZIE!” campaign.  A dollar in 1907 would be the equivalent of $25 today.  So we’re asking everyone we know to donate at least $25 to Sunbeam Family Services and begin to LIVE LIKE LIZZIE!